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Team Bios

Loretta Brill

CEO & Partner

Loretta is the CEO of Nxknowledge Corporation. Over the past 25 years Loretta has partnered with clients in designing and implementing strategic processes to identify and actualize emerging futures, find solutions to complex and difficult dilemmas and craft business strategies. Loretta has worked with clients from all sectors, across the globe in the areas of strategy review and alignment, cultural and change, leadership development and team effectiveness, wellness program design, coaching and facilitation. 


Loretta holds a graduate degree in organizational psychology. She has held faculty positions at the Health Leadership Institute at DeGroote School of Business, McMaster University and the Canada School of Public Service and has presented numerous times around the world. 

Jack Brill

COO & Partner

Jack’s 30 years service, in senior management positions with major corporations, have provided substantial expertise in the business areas of marketing, finance and business development. He developed and played a leadership role in a number of innovations and change process initiatives. 

As COO and partner, Jack has coached his clients in defining leading edge strategies that help grow their businesses, service their customers, consistently improve performance, reduce operating costs and provide positive bottom line results.

Dr. Mary Ann Archer

CKO & Partner

Mary Ann is the CKO and Partner of NxKnowledge Corporation. She works with clients to ensure that there is an alignment between the individual, the team and the organization, enhancing commitment at all levels to business results. The emphasis is on developing structures and processes that will move people from a silo mentality to one where there are both individual and shared responsibilities with mutual accountability. 

Mary Ann holds a Doctorate degree from the  University of Toronto. Her research centers on ways to support leadership teams to have more candid, productive conversations around critical business issues. 

Catherine Amelink

Senior Consultant

Catherine is a purpose, strategy and engagement specialist. She has delivered complex consultancies in more than 20 countries around the world. The purpose of her work is to engage and empower people to unite to solve big problems together. She has facilitated the development of national, regional and global strategies to combat disease, reduce poverty, and increase access to basic services like water, sanitation, health care and education. The results of her work triggered more than $1 Billion of grants and loans from the international development community.


Catherine has her B.A from the University of California at Santa Cruz. She has extensive graduate level studies in community development, future search, design theory and change management. She is a published author on performance management and results (The World Bank Press).

Dr. Tom Raskin

Senior Consultant

Tom has 25 years experience helping a wide range of clients in the areas of organization design, strategic planning, change management, and leadership development. Tom’s consulting practice includes assignments in private sector as well as all levels of government, several UN agencies, and non-governmental organizations. He is particularly skilled in helping diverse groups find common ground and is frequently employed to facilitate complex change efforts involving several stakeholders. 

Tom has worked extensively throughout Canada and the United States, as well as on projects in Africa, the Caribbean, Australia, and several West and East European countries.

Tom’s consulting experience is complemented by his University teaching and research experience (Faculty of Management at the University of Toronto, Management and Behavioural Science Center at the University of Pennsylvania and as a guest researcher at the Swedish Centre for Working Life).  Tom holds a PhD in Social Systems Science, from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Dr. Sarah Morgan

Health & Wellness Specialist

Sarah is our specialist on health and wellness. She is an integral part of our  mental health in the workplace practice in Ottawa. She  has worked with clients  from all over the world to improve their health and wellbeing including  communities in Peru, Ecuador, Honduras and Bali.  Through this experience, Dr. Sarah gained valuable insight into the physical and mental barriers present in obtaining optimal health and how to overcome them. She believes in a holistic, individualized approach to health and wellbeing and respects that everyone is on their own unique journey.


Sarah completed her bachelor’s degree in Health Science at Brock University and then went on to complete a Doctor of Naturopathy at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM) in Toronto, Canada. 

Lisa Brust

Senior Consultant

Lisa is a senior consultant  with a passion for bringing branding, culture and service delivery channels together. Lisa makes things happen having an uncanny knack of building  programs, processes, and tools from scratch, but only after listening to what the client needs. She has worked with a number of different clients over the past 20 years doing a variety of roles looking at situations from an unorthodox, creative perspective. Lisa was a pioneer in the video streaming concepts. Lisa holds an undergraduate degree in Communications & Drama.

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