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Envision Purpose & Strategy



Our world has changed. Our purpose and our plans must change with it. They each must reflect what is now most essential and provide a clear and compelling reason to come together and act, inspired and aligned.


How do organizations reEnvision their role and the purpose they play in the New Normal and in the NeXt one? How can they serve what matters most to their people, their customers and their constituents? 


These are the questions organizations must answer to drive what comes next.

What We Do

We build our clients' confidence and capacities to engage their people in different ways to define what matters most and how they can pivot to serve it.

We draw on a variety of community engagement and proven project management tools to help our clients:

  1. Define compelling visions and purpose statements that are responsive to the environment today.

  2. Develop measurable and aligned action plans.

  3. Align teams around a shared set of performance measures.

  4. Identify key risks and mitigation/adaptation strategies.

  5. Create processes and tools to monitor progress and learn during implementation.

  6. Conduct real time assessments and evaluations.

Tools We Use

  • Rapid lines of inquiry

  • Qualitative and Quantitative Surveys

  • Results Framework 

  • Future Search

  • Open Spaces Architecture

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