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What to do when you have lost control but you still need to lead? 

How do we navigate through the rogue waves and at the same time keep the “lights on”?

Leaders must make tough decisions, adapting their strategic plans to meet the new world, making smart trade-offs with ever changing information and emotions running high and find ways to reliably deliver  even though many challenges and factors lie outside their control.


Leaders now must:

  • Manage when the strategic plans are changing daily 

  • Using science to navigate the uncertainty

  • Lead their virtual teams offering pragmatic and immediate ways to manage their  team

  • Forge new partnerships to promote rapid problem solving and executing under high stress, chaotic conditions.

Has Covid-19 made your job as a leader easier or more challenging?

Transformation is difficult but the pandemic has provided the spark (actually the explosion)  for change to happen …. at every level. Change in the way we innovate to solve problems sustainably. Change in the way corporate culture inspires. Change in the way leaders align and empower their employees. Change in the way teams collaborate. Change in the way metrics are used to learn and to innovate.


That just leaves leaders with the job to ignite and inspire culture change. Easy? Not likely!


We can support you in building your leadership talent and capabilities through – consulting, coaching, leadership development programs and pragmatic tools.

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