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Engage in Conversations



95 percent of a company’s work force struggles to speak up about their ideas and concerns. While most of us have attended communication courses and knows what it takes to communicate effectively, fear keeps us from addressing the “real” issues, especially in times of crises, reinforcing a culture of silence.  This has limited us from sharing critical information required to solve wicked problems, negatively impacted our relationships and incurred significant costs to the bottom line.

What We Do

Imagine going below the surface…to speak up and foster different kinds of real and bold conversations.  

Conversation is the cornerstone of our work with our clients. In addition we provide: 

Facilitated Conversations for Boards, Leadership Teams, multi-stakeholder forums where people  explore, learn, manage through and resolve tough problems … and build collective understanding and action together... even with those who don’t agree or trust each other.

Conversation frameworks & toolkits such as:

  • Re-envisioning purpose and creating strategy

  • Changing our Culture

  • Teams in crises

  • Dealing with mental health issues

  • Performance conversation


Workshops supported by our online resource center.

Productive Conversations Workshop (PBC)  supports you in building the confidence and skills in having productive conversations where real issues are surfaced, views are openly shared and effective action is taken. It is augmented with an online tool that is designed to take you on a journey that can last for one minute or an hour, depending on the time you have available. PBC assists in answering these questions:


  • What can I do about the issues that don't get talked about?

  • How can I get people to think for themselves and challenge each other’s thinking? 

  • What keeps me from taking necessary risks or saying what needs to be said? 

  • What can I do to improve the quality of conversations in meetings? 

  • Knowing what I know now, how can I plan for my next meeting, even if it is virtual?

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