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What is the cost of silence in your organization?

How do we get people to speak up and address the undiscussables?

What is the cost of silence to your organization?  What happens when the prevailing culture prevents essential information from being surfaced and getting into the hands of the decision makers?


92% of people report that they do not speak up regularly. This number has been impacted by our current crisis.


Many conversations are superficial and do not get to the level of honesty where the real issues reside. Having real, honest and tough conversations has been even more difficult when meeting virtually. We need to get to the heart of the matter, creating safe spaces where the “undiscussables” are discussed and actions to address them are developed. This is about breaking down deeply engrained dysfunctional patterns and silences and building the skills and confidence in having productive, courageous conversations, especially among middle level managers.

We work with our clients to do just this.

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