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 Ignite Culture



To thrive in crises, we must create new ways of thinking, leading, and working with each other. There is an immediate call to action for leaders to be stewards of the organization’s culture and the provision of a safe, healthy, and high performing organizations. 

There is a significant threat to our sense of what is coming next, our sense of control and our social connection. Employers have a legal and moral duty to develop and maintain a workplace that goes beyond lip service to actually put the safety and health of employees first.

What We Do

Culture Change

We partner with you to transform your organization, integrating  strategy, structure, brand and culture. We work with clients to have the conversation that matters getting to the issues that matter, asking the tough questions and finding the answers. At the same time, we provide concrete evidence- based processes and tools, at every step of the way. 

  • Culture misalignment assessments 

  • Executive team meeting agendas

  • Results measurement and performance tools

  • Spark surveys

  • Culture/branding campaigns

  • Conversation Frameworks for tough times

  • “Speaking up” toolkits  

  • Culture influencers role and selection process

Building Organizational Resiliency: Psychologically Safe & Healthy Workplaces

Breaking the Silence


Nxknowledge offers support in addressing issues with strategic know-how, confidence, and care. 


Our services provide support for clients looking to develop strategies, programs workshops  and tools to embed a culture of psychological health and safety into all aspects of a diverse and now virtual workplaces.

Breaking the Silence Program and services employs best practices in workplace mental health, learning and strategic cultural change.

Taking Stock – Assessment tools including The Safe Six- Psychologically Safe and Healthy Workplace Readiness Essentials: Are YOU READY?


Setting the Stage for Departmental Commitment - Strategies for building organizational safety and wellness. 

Psychological Safe and Healthy Workplace Toolkit - including Standards, Psychosocial Factors, Assessments and Leadership in Action, 10 Key Strategies.


Workshops for executives, managers and staff that are designed to increase one’s level of comfort and skill at engaging in sensitive conversations about mental health challenges at work.

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