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Psychologically safe, healthy & resilient workplaces

The mental health crisis will long persist after the pandemic, will your organization be ready to deal with this?

There is an immediate and unprecedented call to action for leaders to be stewards of the organization’s culture and the provision of a safe, healthy, resilient workplace.

 Creating the Calm after the perfect storm.. how we can help 


TAKING STOCK - Is Your Workplace Psychologically Safe & Healthy

Are you ready? Are you doing what you need to be doing?


Take stock of both your organizational and employee needs to determine your strengths, gaps in the psychological heath and safety of your talent. This is critical step in determining your priorities, allocating resources and tracking impact over time with the intent of keeping your employees safe, healthy and productive.



We support organizations in developing their framework with a focus on the change strategies necessary to shift the culture and build a psychologically healthy, safe and resilient workplace. We partner with our clients to transform the culture –by instilling a collective sense of urgency and vision and by supporting them to design and implement real life and pragmatic solutions.

  • Reviewing the assessment data to answer with our client - So What? & Now What?

  • Coaching in the development of a communication & implementation plan with a intent of changing and sustaining culture

  • Facilitating organization design initiatives to address issues such as workplace stress and excessive overtime

  • Advising on how to integrate psychological health and safety practices  into core organizational processes: business planning, risk management, performance management and talent management

  • Evaluate and monitoring progress and work towards reaching your organizational goals continue to adapt strategies and plans

Partner with one of our talented consultants to start creating and implementing a custom psychologically healthy and safe workplace plan.


Our Workshops and Toolkits will allow you to deep dive into hands on learning to create a healthy and productive workplace


Breaking the Silence Workshops

For Executives and Managers

These are designed to increase one's level of comfort and skill at engaging in sensitive conversations about mental health challenges.


Series of toolkits for leaders which includes pragmatic next practices and resources in building confidence and capabilities in building healthy relationships.

Toolkit for Managers


The power of Our Conversations in Building Healthy & Productive Workplaces

Simulation for Managers

Our stigma and mental models surrounding mental health and illness is sometimes our blind spot. A 1 day simulation for leaders would provide a safe yet challenging learning opportunity to explore practical approaches to managing people with mental health challenges.

Live Library

Learning from other’s lived experience in a face to face format.

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