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Change has come.

How do you get to what's next?

Focus on the Essentials


We Are NxKnowledge

We are a global consulting firm.

We catalyze measurable and meaningful change.

We help leaders address tough, complex and unpredictable problems.

We find innovative solutions in times of adversity.

We help our clients not only survive, but thrive in the next normal.

We do it by focusing on the four essential drivers for change.


We Are NxKnowledge

We are a team of passionate and committed professionals with extensive experience in a wide variety of sectors and countries, helping leaders and  teams develop and implement complex, strategic change. For more than 25 years, we have helped our clients face challenges together and come out thriving.

We have worked with clients who succeed. Our references attest to the effectiveness of our methods and  our commitment. We helped produce tangible results from improving bottom line, to increasing customer service levels, to innovative product development to changing fundamental ways of leading working, talking to each other.

What comes next is determined by the power of your conversations today.

We pride ourselves on helping leaders and teams to get to the real issues that have the meaningful and provocative conversations, asking the tough questions to  generate innovative solutions. At every step of the way we provide evidence- based assessments, processes, and tools.

Will you be ready to thrive in the NeXt Normal?

Our team can help you design, lead and activate it.




of Change

ReEnvision what matters most and align your people, your

strategy and your leaders to it.

ReAlign your leaders and your teams to serve what matters most.

ReIgnite people to find new ways to serve what

matters most.

ReEngage in conversations

about what matters most.

Change is a dynamic process that has far reaching effects on every aspect of your organization. To drive it, organizations need to focus their attention on the four essential drivers of change. Each one plays a pivotal role in any successful change process. Click on the model to read more about what we do in each essential. 


1. Purpose  

We help you envision what matters most and align your people, your strategy and your leaders to it.


2. Leadership

We engage your leaders to identify and serve what matters most to your people, your teams, and your customers & constituents.

3. Culture

We ignite your people to find new ways to work and to serve what matters most.

4. Conversation 

We engage in conversations that matter most.

Who We Are



in the resilience of people and the power of possibility.




  • There will be no “return to normal".

  • We all crave certainty, control, connection and transparency.

  • Leading forward in a crisis is tough.

  • Fighting for a shared purpose brings people together.

  • There is a need for high touch and high tech.

  • People need to trust they will be safe. 

  • Right now private and public institutions    need to unite to serve what matters. 




the performance of your organization depends on your people and the power of their conversations.

Get In Touch

Our collective NeXt normal is coming.

You can design it, shape it, drive it, activate it.
Have the conversations that matter. 
We can show you how.
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