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Building Brand through Culture Change in the Financial Sector

This international financial services organization offers services in corporate and investment, commercial, and consumer banking, as well as transaction banking, securities, and wealth management. Over 13,000 employees colleagues in the Americas are committed to providing solutions to customers.

The Challenge 


To build customer centric service the organizational culture must be aligned with the brand. However, we know that about 70% of business change efforts fail to meet their objectives, unhealthy and oppositional culture is the reason 70% of the time. 


The Work (Nxk Difference)

We worked with the Canadian Branch to support their efforts to ignite and sustain a transformation in their organization supported by a shift in culture.   


Planning for Change 

  • Collecting organizational information, snapshot of the current “organizational culture” and misalignments. 

Strategy Meetings  & Coaching

  • Facilitated meeting with the Executive team to make a complex set of choices in business transformation strategy

  • Team and executive coaching


Leadership Forums

  • Engaging the senior leaders for input and commitment 

  • Action learning sessions


Driving Change into the Organization 

  • Communication to the organization 

  • Departmental Meetings – crafting implementation plans, ongoing review

  • Open forum white board- tool that will support transparent communication, identification of key issues and hold all accountable 


Measure, Review and Improve

  • Identification of results- based criteria.


What made a difference.


  • Made it relevant so people could see their business in the change process – (ECC interviews/teaming process, speed surveys identification of culture misalignments). 

  • Build the mechanism to have the  more candid and difficult conversations among staff and between departments ( whiteboard, forums, online speak up tools). 

  • Helped leaders go below the waterline – turning over the squiggly things under the rocks to address to real roadblocks in the system.  

  • Supported the integration of culture principles with business objectives  (cost control, transformation, agile).  

  • Set the expectations and plan in place to align systems/processes (HR to Branding to COVID-19).

  • Definition of concrete deliverables so there were not too many shiny initiatives. 

  • Working with managers as a link between sponsors and employees to make the change real: leadership forums, coaching leadership development tools.

  • Challenged the leaders to walk their talk (culture principles were behaviourized) and determined how to apply in their day to day work.

The Results 


Identification and endorsement of Culture Principles and behaviours which was tested as a platform for decision making during Covid-19 times. 


People at all levels speaking up more, “living” principles. 

  • Business plans, communications and day to day behaviours integrate and align systems/processes .


Realization that culture change is ongoing. 

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